poker boot camps - are they really worth the price of admission?

    • john111x
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      I'm not a newcomer to poker - I've been playing and studying on my own for the last 4 years. I have from time to time looked into the poker boot camps and have wondered if they are worth the price of admission - if they actually do help one's game enough to make it worth either 2G's for a 2 day seminar (that's about 20 to 30 buy-ins to the local tournaments in CA for me) or 60/yr for the wsop online academy.

      Are they really helpful, or just out to take your money? one makes a dubious claim of giving you a "certification" in the game - what good is that - which makes me ask the above questions.

      Any insight y'all might have will be appreciated.
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    • Pascal
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      Hi John,

      I don't know about these seminars but I know about our content
      we have forums to discuss hands, strategy articles, live coachings and pokervideos (e.g. guys like Jonathan Little and Phil Shaw do so)

      I honestly believe this site is a great chance to improve your poker game


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      and something he failed to mention... you dont have to pay a single cent to avail of all the fabulous content here :f_love:

    • pleno1
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      They are usually ran by "live pros" who are terrible and condone doing lots of bad things. Not only do I say that these are usually -ev for the $ spent, but I actually think they put your game BACK.

      Post questions on PS and we will get our online whizz kids to pop by and make sure we help you out :)