MSS sizings for unusual opponents sizings

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      I don't play MSS quite frequently, I am a BSS player mostly from SH, even if I used to play a lot of FR (as a BSS before switching to SH, and before that as SSS). In fact I now only play MSS when I am playing live.

      One thing that was strange to me was the sizings of the raises: opponents often raise to 6-7 BBs. I did at first tend to tighten-up my game, simply thinking that with a good tight choice of hands I will be able to punish this tendency quite easily (and so far it seems that I am right).

      My problem is concerning the 3bet sizing: A normal Cbet would be around 20BB vs a 7BB openraise, however the pot on the flop would be 40BB+, with 20BB left. On the other hand, raising directly all-in preflop would mean risking 40BB to win 8-9BB (with the blinds), it seems to me that the risk/reward ratio is quite extreme here, no? I don't know exactly how to calculate this, but don't I have too much a chance to get against a good enough hand to call the allin to be able to value-3bet easily? I most of the time exclude the coldcalls to avoid having too much overcalls, because playing good non-premium hands without initiative in multiway pot will most likely be quite hard, especially without a deep stack.

      I was wondering about "min3bets" with 40BB stack. This would make a 20BB pot with around 20-25BB left, which is enough room to Cbet allin (good fold equity). The problem is that we don't extract a lot of value from worst hands preflop, and hands have the opportunity to fold on the flop. This means I can't Cbet a lot in those situations; which is something I wouldn't like to play.

      So far, playing live I chose the allin way. I got called by not very good hands (A5s or stuff) or opponents did fold very good hands (AKo as I had AKo), in both cases it seems good. However I was wondering if a better alternative did exist.
      All my squeezes where allin so far, and I don't think I will stop that. 40BB to win 15BB is very good odds when you have a very good hand.

      Any thoughts about it?
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