strategy points - full tilt

    • murichej
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      i am wondering how to get more strategy points to reach higher status if i was on full tilt poker which is down now (and will never be back for real probably).
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    • FlikstRR
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      im in same boat... i was only on FTP.. im 2pnts from gold and no other client is linked to okerstrategy (my stars one is linked to no one and nor is my betfair one) :(

      I wish you could link accounts that are already started.. erhas you could do a deal with stars about taking FTP players in? sure you could market some strat to stars

      retty much kills my online poker if i have no linked accounts for rakeback and money frozen somewhere :(
    • shehanshah
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      same as above two guys...Please make a deal with stars coz i too have only fulltilt tracked and loads of money locked...Atleast help us by linking our accounts to pokerstars :)

      Mods comment please.. :)
    • IngridN
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      Hi guys,

      Unfortunately PokerStars does not allow the re-tracking of player accounts.

      We understand that those of you who do not have a tracked account are upset. We have discussed this matter with PokerStars in the past but ultimately have to accept PokerStars’ decision.

      Briefly about why this wouldn't be a logical step for PokerStars. As you know as an affiliate we earn money by referring customers to each poker room. If they would decide to re-track your accounts it would mean they would need to give up some of their share and pay us a certain % in exchange. If you think about it, you soon realize that your emails would just have a dead end. This is why we do not encourage you to continue this.

      You are welcome to take a look at our Poker room partners and create a tracked account via

      Anything else I can help you with, please do let me know