partypoker: good and bad days

    • florinallin
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      I've been playing on party poker for a year now and i want to know if you had the same experience like me.

      There are days when i have only premium hands..good spots..sets everywhere ..i always have a better hand than my opponent and i win allot of money.
      Then it comes a few days of break even profit.
      And then BOOM..its like i'm cursed.. loosing money.. and i can't do anything about it!
      I must do something else and wait for these black days to pass.
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    • giveitalash
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      it is exactly the same for me i have golden tourney's and cash games but then i go on a serious run where all my pocket pairs are beat i don't hit the ak aq just the bad runs are so bad they make me not wanna play cuz it feels that i only get what i'm given i wanna be able to play poker and win from playing good poker that is where the buzz is for me but now when i win it's cuz i can do no wrong my luck is just in at the end of the day they are casino's and they will win in the end i am suspicious as to weather they control the amount of luck your profile get's on 5 other poker sites i won tourney's in my first night playing so i would be leaning towards ya they have control over who gets luck i won a fortune only to loose it again all my monsters loose every tourney i am not just a bad player complaining i am good i just don't trust online to be random anymore