time to dust off our french ?

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    • thazar
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      Hi Toffy

      AFAIK the legislation in France is that players can only play in against each other. So i guess that you can't


    • NIVEKii
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      Well I heard foreigners actually CAN play on the French sites, but they'd ofc have to be in total compliance with the law. Then again, I found this statement on hearsay, so I'm not too sure.
    • holmeboy
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      I was considering making the move a few months ago so could play in EUR. Spoke to support and they said it was no problem (I'm in UK) and I'd be eligible for the FDB but my fulltilt.com account would be closed.... I'll try find the email for you now

      EDIT: Heres the message, guess I was wrong about the .com...

      Hello XXXXX,

      We sincerely apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. We are currently receiving a large number of emails and are responding to each one as quickly as possible.

      We can confirm that you are allowed to create a separate account on .FR and keep "XXXXXXX" on .COM. You will be elligible to receive a 200% 1st deposit bonus up to 1,000 EUR.

      If you create a new account on .FR, you can link it to the affiliate of your choice, you just need to make sure you do it correctly; don't hesitate to contact your affiliate directly if you have any question.

      The only currency you can play with on .FR is in Euro.

      If there's anything else we can help you with, please let us know. We're always here to help.


      Full Tilt Poker Support

      This was back in April....
    • mrkhaan
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      I have an account on both platforms, the only problem is that the .fr is suspended too...
      Another thing, once you sign up on the .fr you will have to send some documents ( identity card copy, etc) within 1 month (Maybe it was 2, I don't remember for sure) to be able to keep on playing and you will have to "link" your ftp.fr account with a bank account (at your name and address), the only authorized transfers, in and out of your ftp.fr account will be on this bank account. You will receive by postal mail a code to keep your account active once you have done the paperwork.
      I am French (but living in Romania) so I have a french bank account, but my wife is Romanian and have her bank account here and had no problems at all to do these steps.