[NL2-NL10] NL20 - AQo

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      Titan Poker "TURBO" Hargol 0.10/0.20, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button jrh11 ($9.88)
      SB macle2 ($29.78)
      BB LeonardJud ($4.30)
      UTG Yeah6OOO ($6.43)
      UTG+1 Detzz ($3.60)
      MP xloOolx ($11.42)
      MP MissBuzyBee ($18.90)
      MP localzero ($20)
      CO-1 jantje222 ($36)
      CO Hero ($4)

      Preflop: Hero is in the CO with A:spade: Q:club:
      2 folds, xloOolx raises to 0.60, MissBuzyBee calls 0.60, 6 folds.

      Flop (1.50) A:diamond: 5:heart: 4:heart:
      xloOolx checks, MissBuzyBee checks.

      Turn (1.50) 5:spade:
      xloOolx bets 0.60, 1 fold

      So we got MP1 raising to 3BB to go, and MP2 calling 3BB, folded to me and I'm in CO with AQo. Was it the correct way to play without any known reads on villains?

      The thing is that I should raise to 2.4 meaning I'm commited anyway if I get a caller (5.70$pot and 1.60$ remaining in my stack).

      How much of a difference is it if someone minraises (to 2BB) or puts another blind on top of it (3BB to go).

      If I understand it correctly we should treat minraises as limpers and play our normal SSS treating a minraiser as 2 limpers and raise acordingly, but how do 3BB raisers impact on our game. I think I made the correct play here by folding but seing how the hand evolved it could very well be that I folded the best hand.
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