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    • dalebu
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      Blinds 50/100

      Hero 2700 chips
      UTG2 8910 chips
      MP2 6300 chips

      Hero is SB J:club: A:spade:

      UTG2 calls [100]
      MP2 calls [100]
      Hero raises [150]
      BB folds
      UTG2 calls [100]
      MP2 calls [100]

      ** Dealing Flop ** J:diamond: , 8:spade: , A:heart:
      Pot 700

      Hero bets [400]
      UTG2 raises [1,425]
      MP2 folds
      Hero is all-In [2,100]
      UTG2 calls [1,075]

      ** Dealing Turn ** 6:heart:
      ** Dealing River ** T :heart:

      UTG2 shows 8 :heart: 8 :diamond:

      UTG2 wins 5,700 chips

      How should this be played?
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    • ilrasso
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      It would be good to know the tourney format. How many players and their stack sizes. Also how many places are payed and what are the stakes.

      Preflop is a bit weird. Either raise more, or limp.

      Post flop ur not getting away from top 2 pairs - him hitting set is filed under shit happens.

      Only if 3 places are payd and BB is very short stacked could u ever consider folding here imo. Or ofc u have very good read on opponent and put him on exactly 88.

      Im also a learning player so take my advice as such.

      Happy pokering