FL SHC Clarification

    • PokerBandit
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      1st Hi to everyone

      2nd apologises in advance you might find I nit pick the detail, it's the way I am.

      Some clarification please:

      SHC - Speculative Hands, Big Blind, Calling
      "One player raises. All other opponents fold"

      Scenario 1.
      UTG raises everyone folds - OK this fits

      Scenario 2.
      UTG calls, UTG+1 raises everyone folds, does this count?

      No one has called the raise but UTG called the big blind, do I call?
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    • ciRith
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      No you fold. The hands you call against 1 raise and no caller are hands that play well in a heads up situation.
      The caller before the raiser will call the extra bet for sure as well and so your hand loses in strength.