I'v always been doing alright with NL4 SH (moved up twice and did good at nl10, withdrew both times) I'm back at the limits and doing quite good this time too. However, this time I kinda want to this properly and get some clarifications regarding strategies/stats and would greatly appreciate if someone who beat SH micros could shed some light. Btw, just installed PT3, the statistics it provides makes me wonder why haven't I done this before lol

1. Defending in BB position. Now, I was mind blown to see that pretty much all of my loses come from this position. And when I think about it makes sense, when attacked I tend to defend blinds quite wide because hey, he's stealing from me, I don't want to give that up! lol
Here's the problems:
a) I usually just call, this puts me OOP and without initiative
b) If I raise again, I put myself in a difficult situ (when opponent wont give up on the flop) and it also gets expensive
So, question here, whats the correct way to playing in BB position SH'ed? Some general guidelines would be very appreciated

2. Bet sizing pre flop. I tend to use 3x BB+Whatever called before, however, after a long break from SH I can't remember why I'm using 3x and not 4x as most SH videos here show. Could someone explain the pros/cons of bigger raise pre flop

3. Stats, well this one is completely new to me, so I'll just share what I have after 10k hands and maybe someone could point out some obvious leaks :)