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Always bet/shove with set?

    • furculision
      Joined: 25.03.2011 Posts: 474
      The hand goes like this:

      HERO MP2: Q :spade: Q :diamond:
      4 fold,HERO raises 1$
      2 fold,BU calls 1$
      1 fold,BB calls 0.75$

      FLOP:5 :heart: 6 :heart: Q :club:
      BB checks,HERO bets 2.50$,BU calls,BB calls

      TURN:4 :heart:
      HERO ???

      Of course,Hero now bets,even if FD,OESD hit the turn.The reason for this is:
      Weaker hands will still call and we have 10 outs for a full-house or quads.
      Even if we get raised,we're shoving.

      But this is a top-set situation.What if Hero had bottom set?Should Hero still go for bet/shove turn?Is this always standard with a set?
      How do reverse implieds change our course of action?
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    • roopopper
      Joined: 31.12.2010 Posts: 4,289
      interesting spot!! i have been busted with this type of hand a few times myself, would love to hear other comments on this too!

      I think I would possibly bet/fold if the villain showed strength( although if I could actually push the fold button would be another matter lol)

    • JHTAN
      Joined: 10.07.2010 Posts: 1,343
      post it to the hand evaluation and the coach will help you. :)
    • sapheal
      Joined: 23.02.2008 Posts: 1,015

      Depends a lot on the opponent. Still, not to many Qx hands in villain's range, so betting on turn doesnt make much sense. Checking turn is okay as you won't get much value from 77-JJ on three streets. On heart river villain is not likely to bluff much and you have a redraw and might take villain's entire stack if board pairs up.

      Another approach is to bet/ship, with a redraw, sometimes stacking vs weaker sets and two pairs from weak opponents. You're never in bad shape here on this turn.

    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      i just got stacked when i flopped trips and remembered reading this thread. basically i flopped 666 and decided i would check raise since it was a multiway... guy before me potted it and i reraised. now i should have noticed by the following reraise that something was amiss but i didnt... so i shoved. he called me and he'd flopped a straight LOL. i should have noticed the board was 576 but for some reason my thinking just closed down and i was determined to get my chips in. i was wondering afterwards that if i had even bothered to consider the board would i have folded to his reraise? i would like to think i have the discipline for that but im not so sure..... i think i played it badly but i did have a monster. i guess it should definitely be in one's game to fold trips. logically if you can fold a straight when there is an indication that someone has a flush or better, and if you can fold a flush when there is indication someone has a full house then i think it is only right to be able to fold a set if you think you're beaten. also if you fold you will never really know if it is the right play in that situation, but i think it feels a little better to fold and not be sure (and get dealt AA the next hand) than it does to shove when deep down you know somethings not right and get called by a hand which has you crushed. i think fold set to strong resistance IF board is draw heavy obviously. obviously i've learnt my lesson lol