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Hi guys i guess there have been alot of people asking for staking on stars or pp after fulltilt went down and im one of them. Im looking for staking on micro stakes for playing 1$ SnG. I see on myself as a stable player with around 40-50% ITM. I dont have anyone to go good for me on this site as im not very active on the forum.

Alittle about myself im a 21 year old boy from norway that have been playing online poker since i was 18 so around 3 years been some on and off becuase of military duty. Im willing to split winnings 60% staker and 40% me. Or whatever you think is fair. Im looking for a br so i can play comfortable on the 1$ SnG.
Im thinking i will play this project for about 2weeks or more depending on what you wish.

If you want more info about me msg me :) Thanks

Reply here thanks