returning to poker

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      like the title indicates, im planning to return to the poker tables.

      some of you might remember me but for those of you who dont:
      my name is raun, i played advanced sss on cake poker for a living between aug. 2009 and december 2009 and made around 17k in that period with an avg win rate of ~5bb/100
      you will see graphs and stuff in the blog i had at the time:
      Rauns 2nd generation SSS [break]

      i quit in the end and cashed out cause i was bored with poker and started studying instead.

      i wont be able to play as much as last time because i am studying but 10k hands each month should be possible.

      i dont have any db anymore so i will be starting from scratch and i will probably start out at the nl50 tables.

      i am quite poor atm so i am probably gonna find someone who will be interested in staking me or smth.
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