I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

Hello. I am looking for a BR builder stake since my roll is stuck in FTP like everyone else lol. I mostly played 90 man KO, 6 & 9 man SnGs and Cash games up to NL50 and ofcourse a mix of MTTs <$11.

I have never used any tracking software so i can't provide any sample sizes on cash games.

But here is my OPR for FTP http://officialpokerrankings.com/fulltiltpoker/Zdydy/poker/results/07C4A3B6A4B04481BC56B8B80A86BD61.html?t=2

Now for the good part. My plan for the stake is simple.

Plan 1:

40 Buy-ins for $1.50 90man KO
Total of $60.00

Timeframe is 3 days max

Plan 2:

NL2 SH 25 Buy-ins.
Total of $50.00

The cut is 50/50 +stakeback. Or if you would like a better cut we can talk.

I will be able to communicate with my backer through AOL/MSN or Skype.

When this is sucessful i hope we can plan for bigger buy-ins and volumes especially with cash games.

PS- Zdydy (Not much games but 106% ROI!!! LOL)
FTP- Zdydy

Btw here is my feedback link: Feedback for Zdydy