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[Application] Hu 4 RollZ

    • cojonel
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 1,039
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Hy guys ! Firstly i have to say some important thinks about me !

      FIrstly I m from ROMANIA
      2nd I have an unfinished deal with supeyrio due to some major life problems couple of months ago!
      ( deal was to play mtts up to 5$ . Ok i played till my roll was 170 aprox. and busted on my favorite game beeing life tilted)
      Why i want a deal now? To try making a nice roll and i promised supey one day i ll send him back all stake. that means 500$ ! and one day he will receive it.
      Last month managed to make from 10$ ( yea 10 bucks ....i m a pooooooor student with let„s say aprox 100$ buck / month from my mom .....also a smoker....imagine please....3$ / day in my pocket REEEALLL COOOL LIFEEE) aprox 300$. forgot what luxury life ment and somehow withdrawed after a small downswing and spent them all like a king .... 200 BUCKS ...YEAA BAALAA LIFEE bABYY! i m not joking . i m really serious!

      so the deal means that my profit at final should be atleast 1.5k.

      WHAt can i play?
      ok ... my strongest play i think its in fixed limit heads up ! i love this game. have some history till now. ( you can search COJO777 on PTR). and also hands from last month of my HU! ( played .50/1 on stars....enormous rake but BRM, than 1/2 again big rake but brm ...and than small swing can t manage it and prefered to live 1 king weekend than losing all again.....sensitive case for me )
      Here are my graphs from he database

      50/1 1/2 and both in one graph.

      I„m pretty sure i can beat this limit. allready now 95% regs....fishes join your tabs all day.
      Also 6month before played about 3k of FLHU 2/4 and ....there„s nothing different from 1/2.

      Also with that stake i can mix from time to time with some 3.3 rebuy trnys or 2.2 rebuys trny. that one 2xTurbo or 3Xturbo....where guarantees go highhh.

      I m up for whateva u want to discuss about ! just let me know.

      if u want to fix a deal with me u will also receive all identity cards you want. driver license id card bank statement etc.

      my ideea was something about 200Big Bets from start .....the best would be 2/4 bcs of small rake but u decide. i can play for a test some hours on mikgo! i m pretty confident on my game and i would like to continue to bust some rolls ȘD Got flamed a lot on 1/2 games. :s_biggrin:



      P.S. deal should be on stars. i m already platinum member wich is nice for fpps including future rakeback. Ty
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    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      Hi Cojonel

      I thank you for your honesty about your previous stake. However I hope you can appreciate that fro the protection of our members. I leave your feedback thread open so you and others including Rio are welcome to comment there.

      I trust you understand

      Best regards