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Feedback Thread: Opa's FL Chest (2)

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    • G1lius
      Joined: 27.10.2007 Posts: 308
      I don't really agree on question 4. Maybe if you make villain very aggro, but still.
      He's passive, so he isn't all too likely to be raising naked flushdraws.
      What's most likely is a pair and flushdraw, which we flip against. Same for QsJx. So getting more money in doesn't really matter, it only makes later moves more difficult. (bet/fold river if the flushcard hits?)

      He could take a freecard, that's true, but then again, if the river hits and he bets, we could fold against a passive villain like this I'd say. Unless the river is the As.

      It's not that I view 3-betting as wrong, but I'd say they're pretty equal.

      Question 8 has the same problem. I answered call, but can see the merit in raising. However, stating: " You need to protect against all those draws" doesn't really fit imo. He has some low suited connectors, but all other draws are flushdraws + overs, so we have no edge against those hands. We'd hate to get raised on the turn if an overcard hits too I'd say.

      anyway, nice quiz :)