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      :spade: Hello all. :s_biggrin:

      :spade: My name is PhpAlpha, i'm from Bucharest, Romania and i've been grinding 180man 2.20$/2.50$ turbo on pokerstars for 4,5 months now. I feel like going nowhere, becuase i'm unsure about my plays. My best performance in MTT is a 4th place on 2.20$, 7.5k$ GTD turbo on pokerstars. I would like to receive coaching and staking for this type of SnGs and for micro 1,2,3$ turbo mtts on pokerstars. Why? Because i'm a fish in the mental game and i need to learn more about SnGs and MTTs. I'm open to any offers in this term and conditions: staking+coaching ( hand review, mikogo and so on ) for 500/1000 games ( SnGs and MTTs ). 50/50 all profits during the 500/1000 games + all FPPs to the coach + stakeback obviosly. I am available for a bigger number of games also. I am not here for the money, i' m here to be coached so i can crush 180man turbo 2$, 8$, 15$, 35$ in like 3 months from now and maybe score some FTs on some MTTs. Please keep the feedback on topic and feel free to speak with me on community. Thank you very much !

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