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      Damian 'Spungeh' Copeland

      19 - Birmingham

      Currently study Computer Game Tech. At BCU, Just finished my first year, and girlfriend went to australia for a month, So had to find a hobby.. Found it in Cards by playing BlackJack but eventually came over to Poker.

      Ok, So i may not be a big player, or playing for lots of money yet.. But i wanted to start a blog as early as possible, to see how my game/winnings/loses etc. changes over time.

        £750 Winnings BJ - From £20 Signup bonus
        Switched to Poker
        Losing Player N/A - 03/07/11
        Signed up to Pokerstrategy 29/06/11
        Passed Quiz - Got $50 Starting Capital 30/06/11
        Lost $10 30/06/11 - 03/07/11
        Won $85 04/07/11 - 05/07-11
        Hit 100SP 05/07/11
        Came 4th Losing with a KFlush
        Won $12 06/07/11
        Top 25 - For Entry to $200K Tournoment 06/07/11
        Got Silver on PokerStrategy
        28th Out Of 834. Won $137 07/07/11

      Not that much at the moment.. but may be nice for some peop to read what I have/havn't achived from the start.. Hopefully in a year or two, this space will putting up $1m winnings + ..

      Well wish me luck, and keep your eye on this space.
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