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Grinding SH Cash Games

    • ClimaxingWalrus
      Joined: 31.10.2010 Posts: 132
      To start I'm 19, from Windsor, Ontario. I started playing poker online last November and got my starting capital to like $600 before I went on monkey tilt and spewed most of it away. Then I stopped putting in any significant volume, just messed around in SnG's and PLO for a little while. For the past two months I've just been studying mostly while putting in small volume and now I'm going to start grinding again. I've started this blog to try and keep track of goals and hopefully reach them. :f_p:

      I will be playing SH cash games on Stars. So far this month I've played like 10k hands at NL5, now that I've transfered what I had left from Carbon my bankroll is at $419.97 and I'll be playing NL10 for now.

      NL5 Graph

      July Goals
        Play 50k hands at NL10
        Reach NL25
        Watch 3 videos/week

      2011 Goals
        300k+ hands
        Reach NL100
        Get Better at PLO
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    • AKM247
      Joined: 26.05.2010 Posts: 412
      Nice graph Sir, will follow with interest.
    • ClimaxingWalrus
      Joined: 31.10.2010 Posts: 132
      Haven't played nearly as much as I would've liked to so far. Dropped 6 buy-ins in first couple sessions at NL10, was 4 buy-ins below All-in EV. Mostly running into the top of villain's range everytime I have TP/TK or top two in 3bet pots mixed with run bad. So due to that I dropped back down to NL5 for a couple days to build my BR back up and get some bonuses. Now after 4k hands at NL10 im down almost 3 buy-ins, all-in EV is down almost a buy-in. BR is at $455 now.

      Also theres is no way im putting in 50k hands this month, ill aim for 30k now. And watch the rest of the SH micro videos on DragTheBar since membership is up at the end of this month.
    • yougotfelted51
      Joined: 04.02.2010 Posts: 1,276
      hey walrus, will follow this blog for sure.
      im from waterloo its like 3 hours from windsor.
      playing nl10 now on titan cause tilt is down.
      let me know if you wanna sweat at all