running deep in this tourney, 2 tables left, top prize is $1070
1600 started 180 paid

jus wanted some feedback on my stats for this tourney

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 225 hands and saw flop:
- 6 out of 26 times while in big blind (23%)
- 11 out of 24 times while in small blind (45%)
- 18 out of 175 times in other positions (10%)
- a total of 35 out of 225 (15%)
Pots won at showdown - 11 of 14 (78%)
Pots won without showdown - 21

is this optimal tight aggressive stats
i dont have HEM or PT3 so can't usually review my play and stats etc

im pretty happy with my pots won with flops seen statistics(32/35), but am i playing too tight? 35 flops out of 225 seems very low

general feedback will be much appreciated