[NL20-NL50] NL25 FR protecting the BB

    • SilverSag
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      We had a bit of a history with this villain, thinking TAG 19/16/2.3 and attempt to steal rate of 47%. I have a feeling that he is exploiting me because it seems that he 3bets me at every opportunity, so I fight back maybe a bit more aggressively than I would normally do. Please evaluate:

      €0.12/€0.25 No Limit Holdem
      10 Players
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      UTG (€28.51)
      UTG+1 (€52.38)
      UTG+2 (€25.09)
      MP1 (€25)
      MP2 (€24.26)
      MP3 (€29.70)
      CO (€19.82)
      BTN (€56.41)
      SB (€25)
      SilverSag (BB) (€25)

      Pre-Flop: (€0.37, 10 players) SilverSag is BB A:heart: 7:diamond:
      5 folds, MP3 raises to €0.87, 2 folds, SB calls €0.87, SilverSag raises to €2.82, MP3 folds, SB calls €2.82

      Flop: 9:spade: 8:heart: 5:spade: (€7.50, 2 players)
      SB checks, SilverSag bets €3.25, SB calls €3.25

      Turn: 6:heart: (€14, 2 players)
      SB checks, SilverSag bets €6.50, SB calls €6.50

      River: 5:diamond: (€27, 2 players)
      SB checks, SilverSag goes all-in €12.43, SB goes all-in €12.43

      Final Pot: €51.86

      SilverSag shows
      A:heart: 7:diamond:

      SilverSag wins €48.37 (net +€23.37)

      MP3 lost €0.87
      SB lost €25.99
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    • Adapter1337
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      A wery well played hand, I really like it.
      In Preflop this is a very good hand for squeezing, if we have the information that MP3 folds a lot.
      In Flop we have a close to bet or give up, since it's not the best Flop, but generally I bet, since we have pot equity and also definitely fold equity.
      Really like the Turn bet size.
      In River definitely All-In, since I presume that hes set he would have raised earlier already, that means you have almost always here the best hand, probably he has here some overpair and put you on "AK" as they usually do.
      Nice hand!