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      Hello everyone

      I'm from the Italian community

      I write this post not to brag, but to tell my up from starting capital, hoping that it can be an example for new members ;)

      In 2008 I played on TitaPoker.com

      In late 2008 I learn of the existence of PokerStrategy.com
      I thought "Oh, how nice, $50 gift".

      I looked at site and forum to see what it was ... articles, videos, live coachings, poker softwares, hands to be commenting and posting...
      I guessed that it was a good deal, bigger than $50. I took it with good will.

      March 4, 2009, $50 starting capital, MansionPoker.com

      At first, I encounter difficulties.

      I got to have $25 to my account.

      At this point I asked myself ... these strategies really work?

      I have not lost faith, and I also did the level-down to $0,50 SnG.

      If I had lost those 50 buy-in of that limit, I decided, I dropped the poker.

      I recovered.

      I played my first almost 600 SnG breakeven. Considering that I played 4x, it's about 150 hours at hourly rate 0. More than three months without seeing increasing the bankroll, always stopped at $ 50-60, playing every day for almost 2 hours a day. Frustrating.

      But I have not given up.

      In order to keep to myself the $50 of Strategy, MCP 2000 I had to do within 90 days. A $1 SnG assigned 4 MCP.

      Easy to calculate. I had to do 500 sit, 5.55 on average per day. Eventually I made it. In practice, so I learned to multi-table.

      My first success was the sixth in a freeroll on TitanPoker.com who brought me $60, I still remember the happiness!

      I decide to sign up in a room.it, Gioco Digitale, and, almost simultaneously, at FullTilt.com

      On FullTilt, i went ITM to the first deposit freerolls, and i won $100 :-)

      In June 2009, i moved part of my BR at PokerHeaven.com

      The bankroll oscillating around $ 400 ... $ 500 reached in late July.

      Then came the summer of 2009 ...

      PartyPoker.com launched its Italian version with a great promotion, conceded players to get the 100% rakeback for a few months

      I did not even realize the potential of this offer, I joined because there was a second starting capital!

      ... I begin to win at Party. I arrived at 1K bankroll in early November.

      I played also a few hands SSS, 10K hands for these results:

      Reach 2K bankroll in mid-December, and i start earning real money.

      In mid-February even get a sponsorship, for one year, by a small Italian poker stacking site!

      In early April 2010, the bankroll reaches 5K

      I had some satisfaction live, however, numbers less than 1k

      I keep running well on Party.it, and here is my pride, sit normal

      I have always played a few MTTs

      My greatest successes are a 24th place in a sunday tournament 100 euros buy-in, and a second place in an Early Double


      And a pair of months ago ... i got the bank roll to euros 10,000.

      As regards the management of the bankroll, mine is very special.

      I do not keep the poker room no more than 500 euros.

      just enough to do 2 sessions. I am afraid of password stealers.

      Under the mattress, I always 1K, which serve to remind me why I play poker.

      The rest of the money, I have on a bank account

      Fetch start of each month, even every 15 days. Over the past 24 months I made $ 600 average, about 12-13 euros / hour

      Currently, the most of the game from 30$ sng, and I haven't intentions to level up at the time, also because it missing skill, guys.

      Game tyle 10-12x, no HUD. I have no poker tracker, not even Holdem Manager

      In short, I do not even know how I did everything. Let's say that I understand the usefulness of these tools and I admit that I have not used them mainly out of laziness.

      I actually after the end of my sessions, analyze hands with ICM Trainer, and often i get the answers i seek, day after day and I never cease to amaze me of some spot.

      Objectives for the future? I want to live in the sun with my best dress :)
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