HU against shortstack - minus EV? Need expert advice!

    • SilverSag
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      Lately, in order to get action on more tables, I have been opening new tables quite a lot and that is why I find myself in heads-up or short-handed situations until table fills up. I see this as good practice for SH tables, so no problem there, but...

      I have one question:

      Is it profitable in general to play against $5 shortie heads-up if I have full $25 stack?

      And what to do in following scenarios:

      1) shortie is unknown
      2) shortie is a well known regular, who follows very good SS
      3) shortie is a well known fish
      4) we have multiple (2-3) shorties

      What about midstacks?

      I suspect that it is not profitable unless I know 100% that he will reload when busted and even then I doubt it... I would really appreciate detailed answers from people who know, thank you! :f_cool:

      p.s. if there is some kind of guide or discussion about this already I would appreciate if someone would provide a link. :f_cool:
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    • SilverSag
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      Not a single answer!? :f_confused:
    • Zheelvern
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      Very profitable against all non pro SS villains as they are LOL bad (mostly looking for quick double-up, quick action or w/e).
    • sapheal
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      hi SilverSag :) ,

      If you play better than the shortstack then it's profitable. On the contrary, if you're worse than the shortstacker, then it's -EV. The same rule applies to midstacks and full stacks, and deep stacks.

      Unkown shortstacks are usually recreational players. It'd be very rare to find a professional shortstacker. Still, if you're better than him, you can play with him.