50$ First bonus+deposit - withdrawal?

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      Hello, here's the case:

      I signed up for 50$ First aid bonus on Everest poker. Then i deposited 20$ and started clearing some of the FDB, working my way up to 47.77$. At this point I didn't know if I even would receive the 50$ bonus.

      Anyway, next day I see the extra 50$ in my account, and I figured i would try to cash out my 47$(20 deposit+winnings), and just play with my 50$. Before I even tried to cash out I asked the support team if it was possible. They said it should be. But I could not cash out, because I had received the 50$ bonus which requires you to earn 1000 summit pts before withdrawing(technically the 47$ should be outside of this bonus because I have never played with the 50$ and earned it before i even got the bonus).

      I contacted support again. Still haven't got a response, and now I don't know if i should play with my current BR of 97.77$, and technically start using the First Aid Bonus, or if I should wait till I get some response.
      Post got a little longer than I wanted.. :D
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