Payout denied

    • Mantsvas
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      Hello, when i try to get payout i get only message telling me:
      "You are currently not allowed to request payouts. Please contact our customer support with any questions you may have"

      I dont understand what wrong i did? I have even invited a member that collected more then 5000 Strategy points but i cant get money for him... Maybe some of my invited friends tryed to cheat. But i dont think that this one who collected more then 5000 points was trying to. I think it would be fair if i would be able to get promised money for this friend...
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    • IngridN
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      Hi Mantsvas,

      Unfortunately, we can't disclose any further information on this topic.

      Reasons could be: Our T&C ~ please read

      # 5.4.6: A player fails to be labeled as an Advertised Real Money Player, as determined by us in our sole discretion, in the following situations:

      - If there is any suspicion concerning fraud,
      - entering invalid/false/fake personal data of him-/herself
      - player refuses, upon request, to send a copy of his valid identity
      - any activity to constitute Fraud Traffic or Fraud Transfers,

      # 5.8: "In connection to fraud prevention, reserves the right to withhold Referrer Accruals if the Advertised Real Money Player has not provided his personal information to until verification of the Advertised Real Money Player's identity."

      I hope you can appreciate that we take every registration and TaF referral seriously and on its own face. The fact is that our free $50 and TaF offers are very attractive and as such are also attractive to dishonest, not just honest, customers. We must therefore take defensive action to protect our product and business.

      I'm sorry, but we won't be offering any further statement here.