Running unbelivably well - I thank PS

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      Well I am very grateful for the bankroll aid promotion i just received from Everest poker through pokerstrategy. As in a little over 3-4 days i've just increased it 40 fold to $2000+

      So yes i went from a free $50 ---> $2000 in a little over 3-4 days - i've had some unbelivable games where im doing most things right and im playing confidently (for once).

      Thats my progress report from each game. Yes i did make a mistake and invested my "entire" bankroll as it appears but i do have $1000 which I havn't needed to use yet set aside for poker so that was my bankroll incase i busted. (which is on Fulltilt sadly)

      Below is the progress from day to day / time etc. How much i cashed out and put into the game etc. I'm new to online poker, I only play live but. So I don't know how to get those EV graphs - bankroll graphs etc.


      As you can see I had a unbelivable first day where I made $1500 dollers in a couple of hours. I've also felt the lows of a bankroll slipping and getting out drawn / going on tilt too. It's been a rollacoaster ride so far and I'm gonna keep playing my semi-donk style till my bank roll drops to $1500 before I tighten up.

      Atm I'm on $2,011. I hope this can inspire some of u guys and I'd like to thank the PS team for giving me this oppertunity.
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