Can I apply Stop Loss limit on SNGs?

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    • pzhon
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      A 25% ROI means you are totally crushing the games, and this type of edge won't disappear even if you are playing your B-game instead of your A-game. So, in case you are really confident that you have a 25% ROI, then you shouldn't worry about a stop-loss.

      However, I suspect that you have overestimated your ROI using a small sample. In that case you may have unrealistic expectations. That can easily lead to tilting, in which case a stop-loss for the session may be appropriate.

      A stop-loss stops you from playing, and if you are still playing winning poker, this will cost you money. If you might be in danger of starting to play very badly, then you should consider taking a break, and a stop-loss may do that. However, there are a lot of people who are now kicking themselves for not playing more back when 30% ROIs were possible in medium-high stakes SNGs.
    • ramjack
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      Yes, you are correct pzhon. i am using a very small sample size so i would not use the term "crushing" just yet. I usually play 4 tables per session of about 1 to 2 hours each. If I lost all 4 tables in a session I take a longer break than usual instead of starting up another session or registering another table to fill up the missing ones. Do you think this is enough as a stop-loss limit?
    • akrammon
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      My suggestion is to play in sets instead of continous play.

      After each set you should review your game using the HEM/Wiz/Explorer combo. This review is a small break between 2 sets and it highlights your mistakes. It calms you down, it makes your thinking very racional. I think it's effective. This way you ALWAYS have a break after playing, and when you have calmed down a little bit (aftzer the reviews) you can decide whether to continue or not.
      Also, be aware that tilt also comes when you are in a big upswing, and not only when losing. You start making -EV calls because you "think" (on a subconscious level) that you will win "anything".