Will I get my money on everest?

    • carexfish
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      Everest suppor have send me e-mail with request for ID verification/

      Will I get my money on everest?

      It is my fist real money account and I am with my real name adress and etc.
      I alrdy had 50 on fulltilt and it was no problem.All my friends have to free 50$ from everest only i get this stupid mail.How can I verify my credit card since I have none atm.Do you think that I've got a shot wiht out credit card?This is sad I am your customer and I am legit why do they mess with me.I could become seriouse player on everest since is finally open for bulgarians.But now I don't care about the 50$ Sc the problem is I would deposit there if they dont make such problems even before I start playn there.
      This is sad,I was hoping to move my bank roll to everestpoker.This guys dont know there best interest.
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    • purplefizz
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      hi carexfish,

      sorry to hear you are having troubles. but honestly, its not very unusual for pokersites to ask for id verification. in fact, a lot of them ask it during withdrawal processing. it doesnt have to be credit card if you dont have one. why dont you contact their support and ask what id is accepted?

      let us know how you get on.

    • carexfish
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      @mr.purplefizz thank you very much I had alrdy verify my identity on numeros poker clients :P . So they ask me for:
      * Photo ID
      * Front & back of Credit Cards
      * Credit Card statements
      * Purchase Authorization form

      Thats from IBS (Internet Billing Services).This never happend to me before on any poker client is this legit and if it is what does my credit card has to do with 50$ starting captal?I am not sure I like to send them any documents :D seems fish and I am tryn not to be a fish.+I played today some SNGs on my fiends account and I won like 5 of 6 3$ double ups but....I never saw so much bad beats in my life not even on full tilt super turbos;) not even on poker stars...how come I am playn cake poker from 5 weeks now and I never see so much bad beats....I think if they reffuse to give my money I will reffuse them.I guess they are going down soon :D so they try to make some more money from rake. :f_p:

      Thank you for your time.
      Best Regards.

    • RubyWesson
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      Yes, it is legit, i cant believe you havnt had to do this b4, can you not use the same id that pokerstrategy id checked you with?
    • bohemiagrove
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      LoL just used my brother account to write on my thread ;D.sorry careXfish...
    • IngridN
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      Originally posted by bohemiagrove
      LoL just used my brother account to write on my thread ;D.sorry careXfish...
      what happened here? I'm kinda lost in this thread :)

      and purplefizz is a Lady :)

      Happy Sunday