Hey everyone...
I'm new to this craze like I'm relatively new to poker!

I'm young and have only recently started playing poker in casinos and absolutely loving it; even when I lose!

At this stage the difference between winning and losing doesn't phase me, the most important thing is to learn and since I started playing in the casinos I've learned a hell of a lot! (In the space of just months)

Since I started I've lost a lot and won a few which has balanced my profit to loss ratio out. I'm actually very pleased at this because looking back when I started I was a very mediocre player to say the least, playing really my big hands. Since watching poker on TV and on the Net, I've become more aware that opportunities are a lot more important than cards, therefore I hope to learnfrom you guys to develop and win more money!

Away from poker I'm still just a teen, who completed 11 GCSEs getting all A*-C. I sacrificed going to college to concentrate on playing football. I played academy football all my life for Man utd where I picked up the same disease twice casuing my contract to be terminated. I then signed for Wigan Athletic, where they offered me a contract at the age of 15. Weeks later I picked up and injury causing me to be unable to play for the next 12 months, in which time then signed a new youth team coach, who, when I had came back from injury gave me two weeks to prove myself, which didn't work out, causing my contract to be terminated again!

At this point I'm keeping fit, running everyday, looking for a new club! Which brings me back to poker; I've used football as a way of enjoying life all my life and since I'm not playing at this time, I use poker to help bring that back, to an extent!

Thanks for reading!

Twitter: @JakeHarrison18