Im hoping for more MSS articles

    • RubyWesson
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      So i tried BSS didnt get on with it, then i found MSS and i find it a dream strategy other than the lack of articles and videos compared to BSS, I find that MSS is somewhat not supported as much as BSS. (e.g BSS poker school) There should be equal opportunitys for all types of players including MTT schools and STT.

      Same with the coaching MSS is somewhat outnumbered by BSS, i know Gerv and a few others offer private coaching on this strategy but as a beginner and im not willing to part with too many personal funds. As i still have a family to provide for, and wouldnt like to risk my family eating ect for poker. These prices are quite high. Im not saying its not value for money but for a beginner without a huge bankroll or Bank balance it would be a lot of money to part with.

      So im hoping that the site could provide more videos articles public coaching including MSS and ofcourse the other types.
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