Is it just me?

    • Terhomatius
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      I know I am new to online poker and that some of you will say it will get better when I get more experience. Frankly, I hope you do.

      So I got the free $50 bankroll and started playing NL Hold'em (0.01/0.02) on party poker. I'm reading all the strategy guides and trying to apply what I read to my game. I find myself just folding most of the time pre-flop (no surprise there) and hardly having any trouble postflop when I do have a strong hand and bet.

      My problem is though, that i can't seem to make enough profit from my winning hands to compensate for the blinds I pay and the times I have to fold to a stronger hand.

      For example, I had two for-of-a-kinds today and they both won me like 5-10 cents. Most players just fold so quickly when you bet like half the pot.
      So even though I only play my strong hands following the strategies on here I find myself losing money because of the low winnings in NL Hold'em.

      What do I do wrong?
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    • DrDunne
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      ah i know the feeling. whenever i hit quads i just sit and ask myself what else to do. the reality is you just need to play your hands and at this level just value bet as everyone and every strategy article says. if they have a hand they are probably not gunna let go of it easily but the problem is when you have a monster a lot of the time you just won't get paid off. i've begun to accept that and it's a pleasant surprise when you do get action. seriously all day yesterday and today every time im dealt AA or KK i get uncalled from my pf raise. its like whenever you have a hand and play it everyone folds but if you get impatient and bluff they ALWAYS have the hand you dont want them to have. it sucks but you need to work through it don't get impatient and try and force a good hand - it will come and sometimes they will fold but sometimes they will bet into you in which case you will be very happy. also what's your sample? because over a small sample it may seem like your not getting paid off but actually it will more than make up for it when you BOTH have a hand but you have the best hand and you stack them.
    • RubyWesson
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      Do you attack the blinds? Conti bets on missed flops ect?

      Try and find a looser table :)
    • EmilDahlman
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      Play SnG's. It doesnt matter if people fold to your monsters and stuff, and you will still be profiting if you follow the strategies. What i mean is that you don't have that problem that your profit will be less if people fold, you can still win the first price. I'm pretty dizzy and i dont know what im talking about so im just gonna cut it here. good luck