4500fpp Stars Million Hyper Sat

    • LucidDementia
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      Luckboxed my way from 2fpps to this round 5, trying to decide if I should take the 4500 fpps or take the shot at getting into the million. Because of timings I'd have to play it, couldn't take the T$.

      What do you reckon?
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    • LucidDementia
      Joined: 23.05.2011 Posts: 60
      Just to note I have about 3 mins to decide. :D
    • Wriggers
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      Give it a shot imo.

      InB4 mega heater and the biggest spin up ever after you turn 2FPPs into $600k :D
    • RubyWesson
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      LucidDementia care to share the results? Hoping for good news :D
    • cjchalmers
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      personally if all i had was the fpp's i would play 6max hyper turbo satties to the sunday storm...

      235 fpp in .... 2/6 get sunday storm (T$11)

      thats 19 shots ... they r fairly soft so winning 40pc is not hard ...

      19*0.4*11= T$85~ getting rid of a lot of variance...

      or 70fpp 10max sitng winner gets sunday storm...

      4500/70fpp * $T11 * (%itm)lets say 12pc ... =T$85~

      4500/70 = 64 shots ...hey 64 shots thats like some of that bank roll management stuff i read about on here somewhere... :f_biggrin: .... wave goodbye to some more variance

      .... anyways just my 2 cents ...

      @ RubyWesson ------ i'm sure the lack of news in this situation is not good news unfortunately...