Multiple Account(s) Q.

    • Reaching4Zen
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      My brother made an account when he was underage on PS, primarily to join my Homegame club to get the numbers up. He didn't deposit or enter his details. He's turning 18 next month and wants to make an account and deposit. Is this agasint the TOS?

      His name was something like asdgzd124. He's asked me if he can make an account with a better name. I don't know the answer.
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    • DannyG13
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      Tell him to mail PokerStars support on his account he's already got explaining the situation. They're usually quite understanding when people come to them and are honest, I wouldn't tell him to open a second account under any circumstances.

      They'll probably just ask him to verify his age on his account through an ID check and he'll be good to go.
    • justkyle88
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      Hey Reaching4Zen,

      Agreed with Danny but I'd wait until he is actually 18. They can't say no after this time so just be patient until he turns 18 then follow normal procedures..

      That's what I'd do anyway :)

      Good luck.