Just another SCAM

    • kingshabing1
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      I did their pop quiz and I've been playing poker for a while now at home on PS2,

      but I was always reluctant to join and on line site with my credit card. After

      being sucked in by your FAKE 50 I joined Everest poker for 20.

      Then you send notice that my ID check failed so no 50 and you wont even
      explain yourself. I bet very few successful ID check's are made. How much do you make once someone signs up at Everest poker? I guess I had the big blind on that and eh? I'll just donate the 20 and move up to the PS3. lol :(
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    • FatSunny
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      This site is no scam, I got my $50 dollars within 48hrs. My friend I refered, passed the id check and received theirs. So not to sure whats up with your id, but it certainly no scam dude.
    • IngridN
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      Hi kingshabing1,

      First of all, welcome to our community!

      I can assure you that our free $50 starting capital offer is not a scam. But instead of me trying to convince you, please visit [url=http://www.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=134152]Id Check Failed What A Joke[/URL] and see what our members have to say :)

      I'm sorry that you failed our ID check but unfortunately we won't be able to state further comments here, if you have questions please refer to our Customer support.


      ps: thank you Sunny :)
    • RubyWesson
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      Hey kingshabing1,
      Do you really thing this site would be so popular if it was such a scam? I really dont like threads like this because it gives new members false hope if they are waiting which may knock them back a few steps. This website gives you $50 for free, maybe show a little respect. I know your id check has failed but for the thousands maybe millions of people who received there $50 will vouch for this site, as you can see above. If it was a scam why would the community be so active, people wouldnt stick around if pokerstrategy had scammed them, and its in the sites bests interests to give you the $50 If you dont believe me have a read through how this site works on the link below

      Best Regards
    • IngridN
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      As always, thanks so much Matt! :heart: