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    • Juglinjugglo
      Joined: 11.04.2008 Posts: 128
      Everleaf - $0.04 NL - Holdem - 6 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      Guy is 55/15 in about 105hands. ive watched him call raises preflop with like any two cards.

      BTN: $4.21
      SB: $5.45
      BB: $9.45
      UTG: $6.06
      MP: $4.15
      Hero (CO): $3.88

      SB posts SB $0.02, BB posts BB $0.04

      Pre Flop: ($0.06) Hero has K:club: Q:club:

      fold, MP calls $0.04, Hero raises to $0.20, fold, fold, BB calls $0.16, fold

      Flop: ($0.46, 2 players) J:diamond: Q:heart: 4:diamond:
      BB checks, Hero bets $0.20, BB calls $0.20

      Turn: ($0.86, 2 players) 2:heart:
      BB checks, Hero bets $0.60, BB raises to $1.44, Hero raises to $3.48, BB calls $2.04

      River: ($7.82, 2 players) T:diamond:

      BB shows 2:spade: 4:spade: (Two Pair, Fours and Twos)Hero shows K:club: Q:club: (One Pair, Queens)BB wins $7.43
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    • Juglinjugglo
      Joined: 11.04.2008 Posts: 128
      how do u do the spoil thingy?
    • esuohdla
      Joined: 08.05.2011 Posts: 411
      Play was fine until the turn, where I personally would have folded unless I had more information on him than that.
    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      That a player calls raises with a wide range doesn't mean he will check-raise you on the turn with second pair. If your read is that this guy was very aggressive postflop, and would have a ton of draws in his turn check-raise range, then pushing may be fine. If he is a typical loose-passive player then it is better to call or fold.
    • sapheal
      Joined: 23.02.2008 Posts: 1,015

      He's not rasing Qx or Jx here, so basically he might raise a draw (most likely will do that on flop) or a set/two pair. Still, two pairs are rare and raised on F probably.

      Re-raising your TPGK versus this guy is very risky and is a misplay. Unless he is extremely cally and raise-calls w/Q8.

    • bmfbpi
      Joined: 16.09.2008 Posts: 590
      this type of player always has 2 pair or a set here. fold turn, NEVER reraise turn in this spot