How to use a gamepad to control pokerstars?

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    • nathanrenard
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      Table Ninja maybe? Not sure. But it's not free only 30 day trial.
    • Krishjanis
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      For what I have found the best software to use gamepad as mouse and a keyboard is Xpadder. But then to control multiple tables without paying get tricky, Pokerstars has these shortcuts that you can add to bet slider that you can customize, but I don't know if you can add keyboard shortcuts to them so you would still will need to click with the mouse on them(correct me if I'm wrong). What you could do is add the mouse movement to one of the thumbsticks but the movement will be slow and not precise. What I think the best option is, is to use Table Ninja but it does cost 59$ but you can get 30 day trial, so in Table Ninja you could add the keyboard buttons to call, check or fold, and then add those keyboard buttons to gamepad through Xpadder. I also tried this but what I found out was that with the gamepad I just put my legs on the table and lay back in the chair, so I wasnt paying a lot of attention to the tables, so I'm using Table Ninja with the mouse, my mouse has a lot of buttons so I can add all the functions I need like check, fold, bet.
    • BrinkyBill
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      isnt there a script, i think it is called akh script which basically was programmed so that you can use a gamepad

      there was a thread about it in this forum or 2+2 but i cannot find it anymore