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How to lose money FAST

    • erob60
      Joined: 08.03.2007 Posts: 165
      This was my session today (NL 100 short):

      First major event, hit a set of tens (yay), stack off against a set of aces...
      nevermind, shit happens.

      At another table is one of the worst players you can possibly meet, calling and raising huge amounts with trash hands (post flop trash aswell), but was getting incredibly lucky and somehow maintaining several stacks. I doubled from him when I got kings, and waited for an opportunity to decimate him when I was sure I had the best hand. Along comes JJ, and naturally the opponent think 23o is a fine hand so calls my reraise. With only a pair of 2's on the turn, he pushes all-in and lands a second 2 on the river. I promptly reload, but he then leaves the table with his 5.5 stacks never to be seen again :evil:

      At another table I was having some more terrible luck:
      On this one particular table, I received KK 6 times (3 opponents were light callers) and every time I picked up only the blinds. If ever I were to raise KQ however, I got 4 callers and a nice A high flop with no draws, as is expected. I hit sets twice on this table (both sets of tens yet again). The first time my opponent flops a flush and takes a good portion of my cash, the second time my opponent hits an open ended straight draw, calls my hefty flop bet and then his draw develops into a straight and flush draw, which obviously completes on the river, after the money is in.

      In addition, the one time I got Aces on this table and actually got called, the guy hits a second pair on the river, after calling me down with a load of rubbish :(

      At this point I was exceptionally mad, and ended up making a crap call and losing a further stack before quitting.

      So that's 6 stacks down.

      The annoying thing is that since, starting NL100, I've had gone up roughly 6 stacks, then had a nightmare session THREE TIMES and gone right back to the start (the start being the amount I was on before shifting up a limit). I wouldn't mind had I made some progress, but that's just a waste of time. I can find bad opponents and get my money in (most of the time) when I'm way ahead, but my luck has been disgusting.

      Oh well, I know I can get there eventually...I just don't have a great deal of time to be playing. Rant over :-/
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