can't create real money account

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    • Krasi53
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      LOL, just realize what you want to say and I have to say PokerStrategy really needs to change the instructions. You DO NOT create a REAL money account without depositing... I repeat YOU DO NOT CREATE A REAL MONEY ACCOUNT WITHOUT DEPOSITING.

      But what PS means in order to get the 50 USD bonus is to register with the Cashier. When it ask you to reg a dep otion just close it and continue with registering your account on the poker strategy site...

      Simple as that :)
    • IngridN
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      Hi ggoo88,

      Krasi is completely right. I'll address this to be more clear in the future.

      All you need to do in order to create a real money account is :

      Step 3: Activate Real Money Poker

      * After registration, click on Deposit Now.
      * Enter and submit your personal details.
      * Close the window by clicking on the x in the upper right-hand corner without making a deposit.

      Any more questions, let us know :)