Just doesnt make any more sense

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      Been here couple oftimes thru my poker jounrey, never gets easier.
      I feel like the most unlucky guy on this planet.
      Whole month is one big downswing and all they do is keep hitting against me.
      I wont lie there are tons of my mistakes and probly some of thos ewhich I am not aware off yet.
      But mann , you know those times, when you are afraid to sit at tables, couse you know how will it end, and it does indeed.
      I am making some money to this fakin pokersite which I hate more than poker itself atm, and I am loosing myself a ton.
      Whats worst than this is that I am starting to belive that I am just too unlucky for this game to win.
      I cant do it ,since I am pooor motherfucker who has been missfortuned all hes life and simply cant succeed at this sick game of luck ...
      Makes me want to cry but at same time I feel that its truth....
      Third month on fakin 888 poker and every month I hit some sick downswing...
      And yeah graph :

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