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      hi i was playing in a club a small tournament and I would like to have your opinion and how you would have played this 2 hands.

      1) the blinds are 50-100 bb, I have A Qo in mp1, I raise 350 and I got 2 callers. one in MP2 and one in the small blind. The flop is A :diamond: 8 :diamond: 2 :club: I fell quite safe to have the best hand and I bet 500, they both called. the turn is T :heart: , I bet again 500 and they both called. So the river is another :diamond: , 5 :diamond: . This time I decided to check to see if anyone had a diamond, one guy bet 2000, the other folded and me too.... after he told me that he had 9 :diamond: T :diamond: , maybe if I had bet more before the flop he would not have called with these cards?

      2) after few hands like this a bit unlucky I have pocket J the blinds are 200-400 and I have just 4500 one guy on MP1 limped I was on the cutoff and I raised 950, the guy in big blind raised again to 2300 I decided to call I understood that he had A K and if on the flop there were any A or K my tournament was over. so I got unlucky and there was a king, he raised me all inn and i called for my few chips left hoping to see a J at the turn or river but nothing...

      how would you played this hands?
      thanks :s_cool:
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    • JazBenz
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      I hear that in live poker people dont pay so much attention on bet sizes, but yeah i wouldve bet 3/4 on flop, pot on turn... to avoid people chasing a flush, but if they do anyway, cant do anything about it, pot odds are against them on the turn, he did hit a pair though with his 10, so dunno

      on 2) i wouldve just gone all in - to call here with such a short stack is absurd, so what u gonna fold to a K and A on flop lol... thats silly - either u fold or you shove, no call.. thats disgusting (i think)