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Bellagio Cup VII updates

    • BongBob
      Joined: 16.09.2009 Posts: 92
      hey guys

      since edwin is busy reporting the WSOP main event I decided to start a thread to give you a few updates from the Bellagio Cup when I am able to.

      There were only about 30 registered players for day 1A but there's another 2 starting days and u can register until the fourth level of day 2 so i still think it will have like 300 players.

      that being said it was kind of weird playing a 3 table sng with a 10k buy in today but the field was really sick soft. i didnt have any real tough opponents all day long and just slowly grinded the 40k starting stack up to 94k without being in trouble in a single hand. i think picking day 1a was a really good choice because everyone is still in the main event or just busted and needs a break.

      a couple of hands:


      i raise AA early to 600 with 42k stack, old live nit calls to my left, young chinese guy overcalls in the BB with 60k stack. so far i opened quite a few hands but when i had to showdown i had it most of the time so my image was kind of agressive but ok, the older guy played tight, str8 forward and liked to make small raises for information, the chinese guy i considered the only tough player at the table so i was happy having him to my right, besides that i heard him telling another guy at the table he plays live cash game in macau most of the year.
      anyways flop is q92 with 2 hearts, i have the ace of hearts and the chinese guy leads 1100 into 2k. at that point i didnt know what that means since he had not done that before so i decided to call. my reasoning for that was: i obviously have the best hand most of the time but first of all didnt want to play a huge pot when his leading range might be only nuts and also wanted to disguise my hand and make it looke like a draw or queen and get more value from a queen or pot control against combodraws...
      turn is the ace of spades and he instantly checks. at that point i was pretty sure his most likely holding was a queen and so i decided to bet about half pot because i thought he wouldnt fold a queen there, i still can have a draw, jt, kts with a bd fd and so on and using the ace as a bluff card.
      he calls and the river is a 2 giving me the nut full house. he again checks pretty quickly and after some thought i decided to bet close to pot size. the reason obiously is i want him to call with a queen and make my hand look like a busted draw. therefore u can also argue for overbetting to polarize my range even more but i just felt like he was more likely to fold the bigger i bet and since we didnt have any history so far i thought overbetting might just look too scary. he ended up calling and i won a decent pot and it also was kind of good for my image which helped me win in some pots later on.

      it was the last level of the day. we were playing 7 handed and it folded around to me in the SB. i had a 60k stack, the BB was a TAG older guy. at that point i saw him as solid but i also felt he kind of wanted to play back at me cause i was opening a lot of pots so i felt like he was calling a lot of my raises especially in position. he had about 40k.
      i have qto and open to 1100. obviously the hand is too good to fold; against that opened limping isnt bad but i think it just plays better in a raised pot especially OOP and i also want to build a pot with a decent hand and giving me an edge postflop.
      Flop is Q62 with 2 spades. i dont have a spade and c bet a little bit over half pot. he quickly calls. at that point i was pretty sure his range preflop and on the flop was really wide. the reason was like i said i just thought he wanted to make a stand and also felt he was aware i would cbet that flop almost everytime and so he would float quite a lot.
      turn is the Ts giving me top 2 pair and making a flush possible. here i decided to check and planning to checkcall and checkcall any non spade river. the reason i think is pretty self-explanatory, i was sure he didnt have much of the time so i wanted him to bluff the turn, especially cause i was sure he was thinking it was a card he could bluff. so i cc his 2/3 pot size bet. the river is an offsuit jack and as planned i check. he thinks for about two minutes and acted imo pretty weak ending up betting about 4/5 pot which i quickly called. he instantly said: u got it and mucked.


      the same older guy opens utg to 1025 with a 50k stack. button, a woman in her late 40's probably, calls. so far she played tight straight forward, she always bet once and gave up when she didnt have it, besides that she looked like she was rich or had a rich husband who bought her in. in the SB the chinese guy also calls and i find AKs in the bb. i ask the lady and chinese guy to have a look at their stack and see they both have about 20k. after that i raise to 4450 and utg quickly folds. the lady goes all in SB folds and i call holding up against KQo and end the day with 94k a couple of hands later.

      a solid start, nothing too exciting so far, i will try to keep you updated.

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