Hello new world.

    • WhoKnew
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      Hi there.
      My name is Darius.
      I'm 21 yo.
      Started playing poker 3days ago :)
      Kinda was wondering around and found pokerstrategy.com
      which is completely cool , because the game is just incredible , but also hard without understanding "THE DEPTH OF THE WATER". :) )
      i hope you'll add me as a part of community and wont hide any advices! ^^
      I do like what poker offers , but on this new way i think its not logical to invest without any back up. And i hope we'll be friends here.

      Thank you and:
      See ya around.

      and yes, my english is kinda strange - its not my primary language.
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    • purplefizz
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      hi Darius,

      welcome to our community! :D we're very glad that you found PokerStrategy.com. it's really a great place to learn poker.

      what exactly do you mean by not logical to invest? you do not have to deposit anything yourself to receive the free $50 starting capital. it is completely yours to play with :) how are you doing with the quiz?

      let us know how you get on.

    • DuDaa
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      Sveikas Dariau ;)
      No problem, we understand you :)