bankroll build fail

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      ok here is my rant, hopefully someone might be able to offer some insight and inspiration.... at the beginning of the summer i went straight back to basics because my game had some serious flaws. i started grinding MSS with $20 and built it up to $50 on ftp then it shut. i decided to move over to stars and SLOWLY built up to $67 - at some point i changed from MSS to BSS. with BSS i had a little trouble but thought i got the hang of it and went from $35 to $67 with it. now i've been spanked right down to $44. bare in mind i started with a $35 and have dedicated at least 4 hours a day to playing, reading and educating myself. i've been posting hands, printing off articles and reading every night and i thought i was getting somewhere which felt good because i've always been stuck on 2NL. over the last few days i have been getting completely thrashed at the tables and i cannot understand why it's happened. nothing about my game changed, i just literally have been dealt THOUSANDS of hands and hit NOTHING. slight exaggeration, but in theory it's pretty much true because if i do hit i always end up dominated and getting stacked. aside from that i end up raising pf with my good hands and because of my inability to connect with the flop i end up having to give it up to loads of action. the last 19 times i've been dealt AA and open raised to $0.08 EVERYONE FOLDS consistently - i have counted. i now make the raise and just look away to another table because i just dont expect to be called. i seriously don't understand because my graph is just going down and down. normally you can see the odd nice win on the graph where it spikes but this just doesnt happen on my graph and its over a good 5000 hands at least. i know it's not a huge sample by anyone's standards but the amount i've lost in that small sample is unbelievable. i really feel like i've wasted my time. i've been playing pretty much every day for the last month and a half and i now have nothing to show for it. WTF. im on a mega tilt now. any suggestions cos i'm stuck. what the hell do you do if you don't get dealt any playable hands for hours on end while 4-6 tabling?
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