QQ against regs in early phase SNG

    • Neowulf
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      Hello, I´m just going through some of HH with QQ hand.
      I´m trying to find answers for this general idea how to play QQ against regulars.
      Say it´s early stage of SNG, t20 or t30, max t50.
      Few examples from my recent games:
      1) Reg sitting on CO raises 4x to t80, on a SB we hold QQ - reraise to t240 - he shoves t1500...

      2) Reg raises from HJ 2,5x to t125, I reraised to t345 - he shoves t1400...

      3) Reg raises from UTG 3x to t150, got reraised from me to t400, shoves t1500..

      I didn´t fold any of those situations, in all of them we are deep 25bb+
      In all cases regs shown up with KK or AA.
      (it´s totally different against fish or unknown where I see them showing small pairs, JJ or AK, but just didn´t find single spot where reg under these circumstances showed me worse hand)
      Maybe I also have not quite large sample size, that´s why I put it here..
      +it´s quite tough to lay down QQ..

      But my question is quite simple then.
      Should we really (deepstacked) fold QQ against them after 3-betting/getting shoved?

      Thanks for your comments
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    • Anssi
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      3bet more than QQ+. Should help.
    • ghaleon
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      When its early state of sng and reg open from early position flat call is usually best. E.g. reg raise to 60, you 3bet to 180. How many times reg is going to 4bet with worse? Very rarely though he might call 3bet with some worse hands. When open raise comes from late position 3bet-call should be pretty standard without some nitty history between you and villain.

      PS: Obviously planning to 3bet-fold is pretty horrible with QQ... If you feel you can't profitably 3bet-call then don't 3bet.
    • goldchess
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      Yes, either 3bet a balanced range, or flat your whole range, including AA.

      And as ghaleon said don't 3bet/fold QQ