Now tell me I'm not the only one that goes through this...

    • blackops888
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      Hey guys... I'm not here to complain or something... Just wanted to know about this strange thing.

      Do you also have periods in which no matter what hands you have, you never seem to win anything? You keep getting bad hands PF, folding them and when you get a good one and raise, everyone else folds.

      When they don't fold, you don't hit the flop in any meaningful manner and have to make positional plays with c-bets or c/f a lot when OOP (especially if you play PLO like me).

      When you hit the flop well with a set, STR8, big draw or something, just like magic, no matter how many guys are in, they all fold when you bet. When they don't fold, they outdraw you on later streets.

      This pattern keeps repeating itself for thousands of hands, non-stop, and the graph of this period is not filled with bumps, ups and downs and so, but it is just a continuous fall, quite gradual, almost a straight line of small pots lost and the EV line (of course) standing way above the green line.

      When I'm playing my tables keep just topping up my initial buy-in all the time... I make a few bucks and lose them until I come back to where I started. It keeps like this for thousands and thousands of hands... I almost don't go all-in so there is not much to complain about big losses and bad beats, and this happens basically because I almost never have any hand worthy shoving. The game becomes quite boring, indeed, and I'm well aware that the feeling that we have to generate some action with marginal hands is like poison that keeps coming and going during the session.

      I know, I know... "that's variance", "keep playing as a favorite and..." bla bla bla... I know that.

      I just want to know if you also observe this strange thing every now and then in your game.
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    • RubyWesson
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      Heya again blackops888,

      You should ask one of the mods to close the General Poker Talk thread, and also if you didnt see it i posted a reply in the other thread
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Variance is the same for everyone.... Just LAG's have it more "extreme" than TAG's.

      There are different types of variance that are experienced and these are what you refer to as "stages".
    • hackbinder
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      I know this isn't really about bad beats but I feel that what I have to say is in the spirit of what you are talking about.

      I'm sorry in advance if I have ruined your thread. It was with good intentions.

      Yes... But that does not mean that I played perfectly. When I go back, there are things that I could have done differently etc etc. I'd say the number of hands that I played perfectly and got nailed with an unlucky beat are VERY small in number compared to what I initially THOUGHT the number was.

      Regardless, Yes there are those times. And if you are a tilt machine like me, you will continue to play, making worse and worse decisions because you feel like fate "owes you one".

      The only thing I can really say is if you get hit with a bad beat, and then a few hands later make a bad decision, then stop playing for the night. Or, have one site for your serious play, and another site for "fun" play. So when you get hit with a bad beat, go to the fun site and play a different game for a while until you feel your decisions can be optimal.

      I have started to do this (very hard for me, because I am a very emotional person). It takes discipline to just push away. I think having failed so much at my poker goals because of mind set issues, not necessarily play, has made this mandatory for me. For me, I have to take it one day at a time. Yes, pushing away will not get me back my buy in, but it is the best decision, no matter what my emotional response is telling me.

      Poker has taught me a lot about myself. And the biggest thing is that I am the type of person who has to hit his head against the wall at least a hundred times before I learn. Just push away. You have your whole life to play. One night of not playing will not make a big difference to your bankroll. One night of playing when you know you will lose money WILL make a big difference to your bankroll.

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    • Sinnology
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      Happens man!
      I just went thru that exact shit on party poker.
      Deposited 100 after 2 days am busto.
      I even manage to lose FH vs quads.
      Well I hate party poker and will never play there as long as I am alive.
      Probly couse it start to happen form the moment I came till the end.
      But its somehow normal to go thru stages like this.
      I remember making 400$ from 150 and in like 10k periood downswing I came alll the way down to 117.
      And rebuilt from there..
      Poker is nasty business ...
    • L3ST
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      Same stuff you said. Everytime I get a monster won't get anything out of them. I play more marginal hands vs fish and I gamble a lot ( pushing small equity edges multiway usually. 40% in 3 way pot is good enough for me ). That's how I do it.

      I'm running 15 buyins under EV this month in 9.2K hands at PLO10.

      In adition to that, people outdraw me a lot on the river with underdog hands with 10-15BB left in their stack even when it's multiway. That's won't show on EV line.

      I'd suggest changing sites for a while or playing on multiple sites at a time. Sometimes luck evens out. It's not an exact science, but sometimes work. Or drop down a limit and have some fun. Might cheer you up.
    • brobz
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      and some say poker has minimal luck lol, i just lost a tourney with

      aa vs 76( why did he go all in?)
      KK vs a4( again why?)
      then my final hand a donk pushes me all in b/c everyone folded to him on the SB, I am on BB with Q8, stupid choice but I know perfectly well what he is doing so i call, he shows 97o, catches a two pair to kill my pair of Q)

      now these type of things dont happen ALL the time but they happen alot so you just have to get use it

      i am still feeling kind of shocked cause i lost a tourney in 3 hands with the best hand each time

      btw the whole "switch rooms" argueement is bullshit b/c what do rooms have to do with anything?
    • matel17
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      Yes it stops being fun and feels like a chore. Maybe have a break for a couple of days. Sitting in front of your computer, all depressed, waiting for the next beat is not exactly healthy!

      When that happens I try to change gears. If you're playing 4 tables for example, go down a limit and play 3. If you're playing 9 handed, go with 6. I play sngs and play very cheap mtts when I need this.
    • TilTmuch
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      sry i dont obvserve this thing now and then, i observe it everyday since i started playing at 24h poker :D
      it rly is fuckin frustrating, and that was the thing that made me tilt most (no1 pays off my premiums)
      but hey, got to live with it, and hope that someday it will turn arround and every1 will fold when u bluff and pay off when u have the nuts :f_biggrin:
    • TakeManies
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      I have crazy stages where no matter what I have I will lose when all in pre flop or on the flop. I tend to just shut down my laptop when it's happening and comeback when I'm not raging.

      I think this is why a lot of people come to the conclusion that it is rigged (when we know it isn't) as it is a bit strange and hard to accept as true when all bad beats come within a 10 minute spell of playing.
    • EasyOnEAS
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      My theory: You are winning players who are being held back because otherwise you would take too much money out of the game and other players money. Meaning less action. Since you seem to play anyway, there is better for the site to have your wins small as possible.

      Just search my older posts and you will see what Im talking about.

      Some people still think there is nothing in it for the site to rigg it, or they would be risking too much because someone are watching them... Who?

      Or you can just become like all the other brainwashed sheep and use variance to justify your bad run.