OMG a WTF day

    • jass1960
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      I have had one of those days................

      And I know it happens, but, fuck me....

      I have played my absolute A game today and still got turned over :D

      $22 lying 7th out if 50 - 27 ITM

      AA v KK v AK - I had KK - out

      $8 lying 25th out of 57 - 56 ITM

      77 flop A7 v AK all-in - lucky flush - out as bubble boy

      $4.50 SNG - chip leader going ITM

      QQ all in v Ax flop A
      JJ all in v Ax flop A
      JJ all in v Ax flop A - FT

      Now a pair vs 1 over and 1 under is 71% favourite.... fuck me

      (and there was a host of other bad beats as well!!!!!! :D - but I don't wan't to bore you)


      Jass :D

      And it goes on A8 fl A8 v AA ....... OMG

      And again MP1 pushes with air, i call in the SB with AK, BB has AA...fuck me

      And deep in a $3 QQ runs into AA......

      If I ever see a bad bet theme again I am so go to flame them :D :D :D :D :D
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