Studying Difficulties

    • lfcday
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      Hi guys,

      bit of a long shot but I have a bit of a problem studying the articles in written format, the articles themselves are brilliant and there is a welth of information in the ones I have read (which is the majority) but no matter how many times I read things they just don't seem to stick in my Mind.

      Now if I watch a video on the other hand things usually go in after watching it one or two times and they stick

      ...herein lies the problem...

      I currently live at home with my mum who is a technophobe (think thats the right word) and refuses to move with the times and will not get broadband, the living at home is temporary until I find a place and can get it myself but in the meantime I am subject to mobile internet for which you pay an awful lot of money for relatively small data. This is fine for playing but as soon as I try to watch a video it runs slow and eats all my allowance!

      Do you guys here offer a dvd of the guides at certain levels and topics or know of any decent ones on the market?

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    • KidPokersKid
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      go to a library or smthin... not sure where you live... but internet isnt that hard to find. If you go to starbucks, mcdonalds or whatever you can get free wifi!
    • Spungeh
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      you using a donlge?
      Long shot, but if you have iphone/ipad you can watch some of the videos, for some reason others dont load due to no flash.. but some do.. (very strange)

      Otherwise just go buy yourself a router/modem.. If your moving out buy internet for your household for a certain amount of time and then swap/cancel it when you move out..

      Your mum would definetly agree to do it if you show her everything you can do.. I simply dont know how most people survive without internet, its nearly impossible.. If you think about what we use it for.

      Teach her the ways.
    • matel17
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      Buy a modem and hide it under a lamp :s_biggrin: