[NL2-NL10] KTs

    • manhtho2008
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      Hello, I have problem with this hand
      my card is KTs and I m on late position,
      My opponent is on middle position and he bet 8cents = 4BB ( NL 0.01/0.02)
      I call and everyone else is fold

      FLOP: Kd Td Jc

      He bet 10cents !!!!!

      And I bet 30cents , and he reraise all-in ..... and I call, then lose my money!!!
      His cards is Q9s

      What should I do , if I get this case again ???
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    • Gerv
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      Hello manhtho2008!

      I am not sure which strategy you play. If you play shortstacked (you buyin for 20bb) or midstacked (40 big blind play ) or bigstacked (more than 100 big blinds as stack).

      If you play Shortstacked or Midstacked, we never call a raise in front of us. With K:sT, I do not like playing it anyway regardless which strategy I play

      So I just fold preflop.

      To answer your question about postflop situation, I probably will raise his continuation bet but fold when he reraises me because he always will have a better hand than us

      Best regards,