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    • bennisboy
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      PS.com, I think you need to take a look at this.
      Almost every thread in this sub-forum contains complaints about 770's customer service.

      They have had a load of offers, and either ignore people who qualify for them, or incorrectly reject them.

      They then ignore all further emails and seem to act like they hope you just give up.

      As your newest affiliate site, I think you need to talk to them, because not only are they not living up to their offers and promises, but they are then just ignoring their customers.

      It's not cool.

      I've been waiting almost a week for someone to reply to my email about not receiving the cash machine bonus even though I did everything it said.

      I didn't receive the stake even after you posted up here saying if we applied before a certain date we should get it.

      I try emailing them, and just get ignored time and time again.
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    • kiromanAAKK
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      They did it with almost of us. Even if we were totally eligble (stand to what they offers and promises) they decide to just ignore us as what you think they should write back to you?

      "Sorry, we did that just for promote our room but we don't have any intend to give out money for free"???

      Of course not, they didn't realize how many people were with FTP and just, like many others, try to take vantage from other missfortune (that is alway bad in my opinion).

      Anyway, few peoples manage to get the stakes and lucky them but for the rest there isn't grass to grab. So, chill out mate and let it go! ;)

      Just let them go mate :)
    • bennisboy
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      Its not just the stake, it's the other offer as well. They are just ignoring people. Look in the threads and you'll see
    • Hamlet77
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      PS.com dont talk to Poker770 about this because simply Poker770 doesnt listen
      LoL FAIL