I was playing HUSNG today on William Hill and noticed that at the end of the first hand I already dropped at 1040 chips by betting, which seemed super weird, especially since I had a very marginal hand so I was thinking "nice smartie, it's just the first hand and you could have lost 1/3 of your starting 1500 chips stack on this thrash hand against an unknown".
But my opponent also seemed confused and commented "it's your chips". Then I realised something's not right, I checked the replayer and noticed that we started the game with uneven stacks. I had 1290 while my opponent had 1710 at the start of the game. The rest of the game continued normally. I checked the handhistory file and it seems that indeed we started with uneven stacks. I was not disconnected, sit out or something like that.
I contacted support and although the operator seemed retarded, he initially confirmed that I did start the game with 1290 chips, then he says something like "but you won the game, you had a pair of 5", well yeah I did won that first HAND (not game) but that's irrelevant so I asked where to report the bug, because he seemed incompetent. He asked for 5 minutes to "double-check" and then he tells me "sorry for the confusion, you started with 1500 chips" ... ??? What the heck?
I have the handhistory and saved the chat with the operator but I don't want to create a big fuss until I know if this is common, or that retarded operator is mocking me and covering their shitty malfunctioning software.